Some Texas Hold’Em Poker Strategy Tips

Texas Hold’em is a game of skill, strategy and intelligence online casino 96Ace although having good cards never hurts. The strategy is crucial and it is important to know how to behave in each hand, which move to do and when.

To become a strong player you need a lot of concentration, think about the moves and know the rules of the game and all the possible variations, only in this way can you advance a level and start earning important figures.

The leading position at the table in Texas Hold’em

In a game of Texas Hold’em the dealer is the last player to speak in the post-flop game. This represents an advantageous position as it can evaluate the decision to be made after seeing how their opponents have behaved.

Starting hands in Texas Hold’em

In a Texas Hold’em tournament or cash game one of the key decisions to make is which hands to play. This is a very important thing because most players, especially novices, make the grave mistake of playing too many hands.

Instead, you need to make a selection called hand selecion .But in what way? Generally professionals know a priori the probability that a certain hand has to win the pot ( equity ) which is calculated with the only two cards that the player sees and all the other combinations that can come out.

See the source imageAs an example we describe the equity of some games, obviously high cards have a higher equity.

  • AJ with no suit has an equity of 63%
  • Non-color KQ has 61% equity
  • Q6 non-suit has an equity of 51

63% equity means for example that that hand will win 63% of the time. Obviously there are many other factors to take into consideration because that percentage is calculated randomly and always betting the same way but there are also opponents and the bets will always be different, but knowing these will help us in the decisions to be made.

The gap between the cards and the possibility of closing a straight

The gap, that is the gap between the two cards in hand is inversely proportional to the equity in the preflop. The more the gap between the two cards in hand is high the less likely it will be to close a straight, for example look at these percentages of equity for closing a straight:

  • JT has 55% equity
  • J9 has 53% equity
  • J8 has 51% equity
  • J7 has 50% equity
  • J6 has an equity of 48%

Suited cards, i.e. cards of the same suit

Suited cards, as is intuitive, are more likely to hit a color than two cards of different suits, in fact they have higher equity:

  • AJ suited has 65% equity
  • JT suited has 57% equity

The choice of the table in Texas Hold’em

The choice of the table in Texas Hold’em is fundamental. It is possible to see the various tables play online and choose the table to sit on. To you the choice!! Do you prefer tables where there are professionals or tables where the level is lower and perhaps easier to win? Surely a table made up of professionals is a good gym to learn from our mistakes, see how the pros play to improve themselves.

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